Uptown Porch exists to engage young leaders in urban ministry, transform lives through Christian community, and strengthen communities by loving our neighbors.

On the porch, strangers are transformed into neighbors and neighbors are knit together as a community. These days, as people are drawn indoors by the comfort of temperature-controlled living rooms and the magnetic attraction of the television, the porch has increasingly become merely a place of fond memories and nostalgia. Here at Uptown Porch, we are committed to “living life on the porch” and embrace all that it stands for: community, neighborliness, and hospitality. By living intentionally in our neighborhood, contributing actively to our community, and sharing the Good News of Jesus, we believe we can transform lives and strengthen urban communities.

At the turn of the 20th century, only 8% of the world’s population lived in an urban context. Today that number is closer to 50%. Cities are where the citizens of the world come together—they are landing places for immigrants and the global hubs for finance, fashion, media, education, and entertainment. And yet, there is a telling lack of vibrant churches in urban contexts. In order for the church to thrive in the 21st century, Christians must learn how to minister in urban environments and how to engage people of different nationalities, religions, and ideologies.

Uptown Porch is a “Place of Restoration, Community, and Hope.” Through our ministry, we endeavor to restore the church’s presence in the city, strengthen communities, and become a source of hope.