Lakeview Church of Christ Announces Uptown Porch

Today Lakeview Church of Christ announces its intention to launch an new ministry initiative specifically geared toward the needs and character of urban communities—Uptown Porch: Chicago Urban Ministry Initiative. Uptown Porch will be a year-long residential program for young women and men passionate about ministry and community development. Recognizing the great need for dynamic ministries and churches in urban contexts, this program will train Christian leaders in the principles of urban ministry using curriculum that covers topics such as biblical community, community development, and Christian leadership. Additionally, participants in the program will be actively and intentionally engaged in service in the neighborhood and building community with one another and with residents of Uptown.

Uptown P.O.R.C.H. will be “a Place of Restoration, Community, and Hope.” Just as the porch signifies community, neighborliness, and hospitality, so will Uptown Porch embody those values to bring people together, increase community bonds, and exemplify the power of the Christian message. Uptown Porch seeks to restore the church’s presence in cities, strengthen communities, and live out the radical vision of the Kingdom of God that Jesus announced.

Prior to launching Uptown Porch in the fall of 2017, Lakeview Church of Christ will begin a campaign to raise funds to renovate the historic three-story house neighboring their church building. Residents will live and learn in the house and from its porch they will enter into life with the residents of Uptown.

If you are interested in contributing to this ministry and to the renovation, please contact